Artificial Intelligence Explained

The modern-day computers can now perform tasks as humans do. The term artificial intelligence coined way back in 1956. Although the term becomes popular in recent years. The research work on AI explored in the 1950s. So we will explain here what is AI and its advantages and disadvantages to humanity.

We see lots of Hollywood movies where computers with AI take over mankind. Although this technology is currently in a nascent stage but evolving very fast. So computers may take over human life as we are too much depend on machines but not in near future. The current AI technology however significantly helpful for human life. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we can solve problems in a more accurate manner than traditional programming models.

Meaning Of AI

In simpler terms, AI means the ability of computers to learn, think and take actions accordingly as humans do. We can say in short intelligence machines capable of doing various tasks. These machines can also learn from the actions they take and evolve to do the same task in a more accurate way.

AI at work
AI at work

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

The term machine learning is often associated with AI. Although these terms are two different terms. Machine learning is actually an application in broader Artificial Intelligence technology. Machine learning is a new evolution in computer programming. It is primarily programs that can access data and learn from it without any human help.

In short, AI is very vast technological term and includes numerous applications like machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing etc.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

The Artificially intelligent computers can process large amounts of data. In addition, they have the ability to recognize patterns in data. Hence the applications of Artificial Intelligence are infinite. Furthermore, the as computers learn by themselves, the application on AI evolves and keep evolving as we use them.

The most recent example of an AI application is Google Duplex. Google duplex is an Artificial Intelligence system that can complete real-world tasks over the phone. It means it can simply book an appointment for you and book a table in the restaurant. The system also sounds extremely natural and people don’t need to adapt for computer language. Means you can simply have the conversation like humans do with each other.

Here is the video:

The second great example is Siri. The Apple voice assistant Siri use machine learning technology to understand human voice and give answers in natural language. This voice assistant can make a call on your behalf, find direction and help you search for information on the web.

The third example is Netflix. Netflix a popular video streaming service is using Artificial Intelligence to suggest contents. It suggests contents on the basis of user interaction, behavior, and interest of the user. This AI is improving year after year and now more accurately predicts what user likes than last year.

Furthermore, now Artificial Intelligence is also entered into the field of cars with Tesla. Tesla cars are now self-driving, predictive and react in accordance with changing traffic conditions. So these are some application working in real-world environments. In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we interact with machines and make our life easy.

Disadvantages of AI

Artificial Intelligence is evolving very fast and if used respectfully it will benefit humanity. Although over-dependence on machines may have negative impacts. The overdoing of it may lead to no control over machines leading to the collapse of everything. In addition, if tools get into the hands of the wrong people may result in devastating effects. So controlled and thoughtful use of Artificial intelligence is need of today,s world before it gets out of control.

Image courtesy: IBM  Watson    Video courtesy: Hubspot & Mashable.

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