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We hear a lot about home automation technology. A new breed of smart devices is taking over every home. It leads to a new concept called smart home. We have explained home automation technology in detail here.

Google home
Google home

The smart home technology is basically home automation that works on the IoT platform. The technology automates home systems in order to simplify living.

The smart home technology includes automation in lighting, in-home climate control, appliances, and entertainment systems. You can control your smart home via your smartphone remotely. So, you can control your thermostat, garage door and lights remotely via home automation technology.

What is a smart home?

The home automation is nothing but a house that has a communication network that connects different home appliances; allowing them to control and access remotely via the internet.

The smart appliances usually connect to home WiFi. These devices can be accessed and controlled via the Internet. Hence remote access to various devices in your home is possible remotely making it a smart home.

The modern WiFi routers are now capable to tackle high-speed internet across almost all devices. Each day, these routers are getting powerful; extending the coverage throughout the home. As a result, it becomes easier to connect more and more devices. The routers with high capability are now available at a lesser price and hence, the home automation industry may soon become mainstream.

Advantages of home automation technology

The widespread use of home automation is in the climate control sector. The home heating and cooling needs can be smartly monitored via smart home devices. You can now see what is going on inside your home via CCTV camera remotely.

The smart lighting technology can activate on its own when you come closer to your house. That indirectly means energy savings. You can also incorporate smart grid and renewable power generation in your house making it the part of your home automation.

The modern security systems are also smarter. You can see who is at your door from your office. It also offers central locking and emergency assistance in case of thefts or burglary.

You can also detect smoke or fires remotely and trigger an emergency. It can also alert emergency services at the same time. The elderly person can get medical help immediately. Some home automation systems can even detect abnormal activity in a person’s routine; creating an alert.

The smart kitchen systems can assist you in cooking. The smart microwaves can keep your food warm when you come home. The voice assistants like amazon Alexa and google home help you set daily routine. The smart coffee machines, smart fridge, and ovens can keep your food ready remotely. All these devices make your home smarter and better.

How you can create a smart home?

You can create your smart home by installing a network that connects individual appliances or devices. First of all, you need to buy all these smart devices in order to make your home smart.

You can connect popular voice assistants to your other smart devices to control them via your voice. All these devices are ultimately connected to the internet and hence, you can get access to all of them via a smartphone. It involves significant cost but ultimately you get peace of mind as you can have total control on your home remotely.

Furthermore, the software like IFTTT enables you to add conditions and command devices to take necessary actions. For e.g. you can add a condition if the outside temperature rises above 30 degree Celsius, then start air conditioning. Such application takes your home automation beyond simple automation.

In conclusion, home automation technology will soon become more common as high-speed internet becomes available for everyone.

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