Ring Always Home Drone Camera: Next level indoor security

Home security is crucial, and it is now an essential aspect of our lives. The door cams are now common, but amazon is going forward and thinking out of the box for indoor security. The Ring Amazon home security solution company recently came up with the ring always home drone camera. It is surely an out of the box concept. No one ever came across the idea of putting drones inside the home to enhance security.

always home drone camera
always home drone camera

The Ring, as a company, always wants to push the boundaries of innovation. It challenges everything to create new products that will provide solutions to the real problems of people. Possibly this mindset of the company brings new out of the box products.

The Introduction

Ring has indoor security cameras that keep users updated about the indoors. But fixed cameras provide a minimal viewpoint. So, if you forgot to close windows, you can’t just see the indoor camera footage and understand windows’ status.

Furthermore, it would be best if you had more cameras to bring everything in your sight. This solution is possibly not a good one. So, what can be the solution? Ring wants a single camera that can provide footage from every viewpoint inside the home without compromising privacy and security. Here comes the Amazon ring drone camera that ticks all the above points.

Ring Always Home Drone Camera

Ring always home drone camera is a single device that provides footage from various viewpoints. This is an autonomous indoor camera that flies on a predefined path set by the user. So, you can keep a check on your home remotely with peace of mind. Hence, if you forgot to switch off the stove or kept windows open, drone cam is there to help you.

Besides, ring always home drone cam can easily integrate with the Ring Alarm. Ring Alarm is a home security system from the Ring. This seamless integration brings a bunch of new possibilities. Say, when the ring alarm is triggered in away mode, Ring Always Home Camera will automatically fly on a preset path to find what is happening in your home.

Furthermore, you can also stream video when the camera is in flight via the Ring app. So, it will give you immense flexibility in terms of viewpoints. Thus, you always know what is happening in your home.

Indoor drone camera live stream
Indoor drone camera live stream

Being such a small device that can fly, shoot, and live stream that footage to your phone is not at all easy. It took a lot of time and patience to bring this thing into reality. Ring had to design an entirely new product that nobody had done before. To design this product, Ring brings together state of the art hardware and software. They need to take into account privacy as well because they build products on the foundation of privacy.

The Privacy and design

When you design something that shoots and live streams from your home, privacy matters a lot. Ring doesn’t want to compromise on privacy and security. The company takes a holistic privacy approach, right from the design and features to how users use that product. So, ring always home camera is not an exception when it comes to privacy.

The ring always home drone camera rests on the base, and when docked, the camera is physically blocked. The camera only starts the video recording when it leaves the base.

Furthermore, it produces a humming sound when it starts flying. So, people will know the camera is in motion and currently recording the video. This is privacy in motion.

Besides, the setup process involves setting up predefined routes inside the home. So, your ring always home drone camera can fly where you want it to fly. You can’t control it manually. Hence, it will record only things that you want to record, bringing more privacy.

The cam is small in shape with shrouded propellers along with a lightweight design. As a result, it can move safely inside the home. It also comes with obstacle avoidance technology. So, it will avoid obstacles along the way on the pre-set path.

In conclusion, ring always home drone cam will change the way we think about home security. Customers can take control of home safety without losing privacy. This camera undoubtedly has new technologies that will take indoor security to the next level.

Image courtesy: Ring

Watch Amazon ring always home drone camera in action

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