Virtu: world’s highest energy density solar technology from Naked Energy

We are now facing severe problems with Global climate change, and now, it’s time to act. But, first, we need renewables that can produce more energy in very little space. Naked Energy is working on the same line under its Naked Energy Virtu product line.

Virtu Vertical Installation
Virtu Vertical Installation

The Naked energy is a collaborative enterprise. It consists of scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers. Currently, the world is rapidly shifting towards renewables and ditching the traditional ways of generating energy by fossil fuels. This transition needs a passion. Naked Energy has that passion for designing and commercializing the world’s efficient and most innovative solar solutions.

Furthermore, this goal leads to building products that can harness the sun and meets the demand for heating and cooling buildings. Access to sustainable and efficient energy solutions is the right of everyone on the planet. So, we need a solution that can harness the sun more efficiently.


The Naked Energy Virtu product line can increase the efficiency of harnessing the sun. It requires less space than traditional solar panels. The product line represents a new category of solar technology.

In addition, the Virtu product line reduces the operating cost of on-site solar energy generation in available space. Thus, the Virtu allows property and business owners to achieve sustainable energy targets cleverly and efficiently. Additionally, you can minimize on-site CO2 emissions.

Virtu Roof Top Installation
Virtu Roof Top Installation

Furthermore, the use of this technology also improves financial outcomes without affecting sustainability goals. The Virtu produces more energy in a given area and delivers more returns on your investments.

Naked Energy Virtu product line

The Naked energy Virtu product lineup contains two products Virtu PVT and Virtu HOT. We will discuss both the products in detail. The ultimate goal of both products is to bring the maximum yield of heat and power from any given area.

The Virtu PVT

The Virty PVT has a modular design that can generate solar heat and power from any given area. At a peak efficiency of 80%, Virty PVT can convert 20% of the sun’s energy into electricity and the remaining 60% as heat.

The Naked Energy Virtu PVT has five key technology elements. The first one is the novel flat plate absorber that captures 60% of the sun’s energy to heat water flowing through the system. Second, the use of hot water for sanitary needs or process heat up to 80 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, the second part is Monocrystalline Photovoltaic (PV) cells that bond to the absorber. These cells convert 20% of the sun’s energy into electricity. The third part is an evacuated borosilicate glass tube that houses the absorber. Again, the vacuum minimizes thermal losses.

In addition, the fourth part is the unique reflectors that boost the thermal and electrical annual outputs. Finally, the fifth and most crucial part is the versatile mounting system. It has a very low profile, and you can mount it vertically and on flat or pitched roofs.


The Naked Energy Virtu PVT concurrently produces heat and electricity in a 3:1 ratio. Additionally, you get higher returns on your investment. It generates 50% more energy than traditional PV. Virtu reduces emissions up to 300% when we compare it to conventional PV for a given area. It has a modular design that can fit on vertical walls.

In addition, the use of Virtu PVT can improve building energy codes. The high-efficiency vacuum tube technology improves thermal performance when we compare it to the standard collectors.

The Virtu HOT

This product is very similar to Virty PVT, but it doesn’t produce electricity. Instead, it is a flexible solar hot water solution. It offers higher operating temperatures of 120 degrees Celsius. Hence, higher energy density with the same design as a Virtu PVT. In addition, this product is handy for applications like process heat, solar cooling, and desalination. So, Virtu HOT produces only hot water in higher quantities with a high temperature of 120 degrees Celsius.

In conclusion, in the race of renewable energy transition, the Naked Energy Virtu product line is a perfect fit. So, you get more energy in very little space when we compare it to the traditional offerings.

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