High torque modular electric motors by Linear Labs

We are in a world where everything is going electric. We are heading to the pollutionless environment. Furthermore, we want sustainability and efficiency without affecting our surroundings. Linear labs is taking this vision further by changing traditional electric motors into more efficient compact electric motors.

HET Motor construction
HET Motor construction

Linear labs have developed fully electric motors on the basis of core technology protected by 75 patents. The most important character of this motor is its efficiency. The variable speed permanent magnet motors produce 2x torque for the same size, weight and input energy. It is highly efficient across the full speed range.

Furthermore, these motors produce more torque over low-speed; providing huge benefits to almost every industry. As a result, you can get 50-100% more range for micro-mobility, 10-20% range increase in EV’s and 15-30% more output power for the same input energy in Turbines.

In addition, the HVAC system will consume less electricity by using these motors. In industries, this technology is particularly helpful to generate more power from smaller units.

The linear labs’ electric motors use ferrite cores that don’t need liquid cooling. Thus, it reduces the overall cost of the product itself along with the running cost.

Linear Labs technology

The main component in this motor is HET. HET means Hunstable Electric Turbine. This turbine consists of exterior permanent magnet circumferential flux 4 rotor machine. The innovative concepts in magnetic structure and operation are at the core of the HET. As result, this motor generates a large amount of Torque.

The traditional motors harness magnetic fields in 2D. These magnetic fields in 2D are harnessed either radially or axially from the rotation of the rotors. Whereas this motor utilizes 3D flux path magnetic tunnel design that combines axial and radial magnetic flux patterns. So, this design concentrates flux within the motor producing max torque at low speeds.

In addition, this type of architecture reduces copper use by 30% as it eliminated the need for end windings. This architecture also ensures full involvement of electric and magnetic fields in torque production. These motors have less volume and hence, it can accommodate new technologies easily.

The most important aspect here is less cost as these motors don’t require end windings. The less wastage of steel and low labour also reduce overall production cost. The use of ferrite magnet helps in improving cost efficiency.

Advanatges of HET motor

The high torque in less RPM is the most important advantage here. This motor has a unique arrangement of magnets. So, here magnetic forces act on the rotor in the direction of the motion. Here the end windings are virtually absent increasing efficiency. The peak power density of HET motor with standard cooling can increase 7 kW/kg with a base speed of 3000rpm.

Furthermore, the Linear Labs HET motor has very less volume and its very compact leads to space savings. The concentrated windings at the stator reduce raw materials and increase thermal efficiency.

In addition, We can connect HET coils in multiple phase configuration electronically. So, it allows 3,6 or 12 phase switching on the go. Hence it is ideal for variable speed applications. The HET also produce very less torque pulsation. As a result, the operational noise is very less when we compare it to traditional motors.

In conclusion, Linear labs HET motors will bring revolution in electric motors in near future. It will surely benefit almost all sector bringing efficiency to the everyday operations.

Image courtesy: Linear Labs

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