What is Video & Audio Streaming?

In today’s world of the Internet, we often hear about streaming media. People say I streamed a movie last night and it was awesome. But what exactly streaming means? Here we have explained Internet streaming and its working in detail.

Spotify Music Streaming Service
Spotify Music Streaming Service

First of all, Internet streaming is a technology that delivers data or content over the web to smartphones and computers. The content delivery happens in real time in a continuous flow. So, the receiver can watch the entire video or listen to the Audio via a continuous stream of data.

The use of this technology has a phenomenal impact on the media industry. The use of CD’s and DVD’s become quickly outdated. Besides, you don’t even need a storage space to store the media. You can simply stream video and audio almost instantaneously with just one click.

What is the difference between downloading and streaming?

For watching the movie or to play a song, we need to download it to our computer via the Internet. In case of download, we have to wait for entire media to download on our device and then only we can use it.

However, in the case of streaming, things are very different. For streaming, you don’t need to wait for the download. You can start to use the content almost instantly after hitting the play button. Thus, the content streams to your device from a remote server in a continuous fashion.

The streaming media doesn’t download on your device. It automatically deletes itself once you finish using it. Furthermore, the most important advantage of streaming is that you don’t need any storage space. In the case of downloads, you need physical storage to download the entire content.

In addition, the streaming media decreases the illegal distribution and use of contents and avoids piracy. We think it is a major advantage to content creators as illegal broadcasting of content is mainstream before internet streaming gained popularity.

The internet streaming and internet speed requirements:

The internet streaming requires a stable and constant speed of internet connection in order to use streaming services. The standard definition streaming requires at least 2 Mbps of download speed. This speed ensures uninterrupted stream quality without any buffering and quality issues.

The HD definition videos require a minimum of 5 Mbps of speed. The 4K contents require a minimum of 8-10 Mbps of internet speed in order to deliver the desired quality of the video. Hence, we can say that internet streaming requires a steady internet connection with high speeds.

Live video streaming

The live video streaming is gaining popularity very recently. The live video streaming is nothing but broadcasting the content over the internet as it happens in real time. We can compare it to a Live television show.

Event broadcasting nowadays happens through live video streaming. In order to broadcast the live contents, you need a steady upload speed at your disposal. The steady upload speeds ensure quality live video streaming without any lag and quality deterioration.

The online gaming and streaming

Nowadays, online games are more popular as people all over the world can participate and play with each other. Online games mostly use streaming technology as it ensures smooth gaming among the players sitting anywhere in the world in real time.

The online games are now more popular as we can team up with people we know and play with other team members. The war games are an excellent example of teaming up online in order to fight against the enemy.

The rise in music streaming

The music streaming saw significant growth over the years. Most of the service providers use a “freemium” model where music is available free with in-app advertisements. Few music streaming services use a subscription model where the user has to pay a monthly fee to listen songs.

The “freemium” model also offers a premium option with advertisement-free music. The music industry saw a decline in piracy with a rise in stremaing services. In addition, music industry gains substantial growth in streaming revenue. So, once again, streaming entirely changed the working of music industry.

The streaming problems

The streaming entirely works on a steady internet connection. If your internet connection is slow and intermittent then the streaming stops. So, the video or music will stop playing.

The buffer in streaming ensures a continuous flow of data. The buffer loads the data you need next and stores in temporary memory. If you often encounter buffering it means the buffer is unable to fetch the next data you need. Hence, your internet connection is slow or has intermittent connectivity.

The high-speed internet is the most important factor in any kind of streaming. The slow connection often leads to buffering and intermittent video plays with low quality.

In conclusion, internet streaming change the way we consume media every day affecting music industry as a whole.

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