Working of a cellphone

We are very eager to know how a mobile phone works because we use it every day. Mobile phones are also known as cell phones. The mobile phone works on radio waves. Although the mobile works in any place, it needs a cellphone network for that. Modern day mobile phones work in many complex ways. Nowadays, it is just like a pocket computing device. So, here we are only explaining what happens when you speak over a mobile phone.

Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3 modern day smartphone.

In today’s world, the definition of mobile phone also changed so much so that they are overtaking the computers. Such kind of devices are known as a smartphones. The modern-day mobile service provider uses cellular network architecture. Hence, it is also called a cell phone.

How mobile phone works when we speak over a network on the mobile phone?

To explain the working, you need to first understand the working of a cellular network. In the cellular radio network, the cellular service providers divide the land area into hexagonal, circular, and square or some other proper shape. In general, most networks use the hexagonal shape of cells for the network. Each cell comes with multiple frequencies assigned to it and corresponds to a cell tower.

The same frequencies are not assigned to the adjacent cells as it may cause interference. Hence, the service providers assign different frequencies to different cells. We wonder why we need to do this. The answer is simply more and more mobile phones can easily communicate with each other using the same frequencies without interfering with each other.

What happens when we speak over the mobile phone?

Every mobile phone has a radio antenna. This antenna converts the electrical signals into radio waves and vice versa. Mobile phone uses same or multiple antennas for transmitting and receiving radio waves. When you speak on the phone, the microphone converts sound energy into an electrical signal.

The antenna in your phone then converts the electrical signal into radio wave. The mobile phone antenna then transmits the radio wave to the cell tower at a particular frequency on the cellular network. The cell tower receives the radio wave and further transmits to a telephone network. Furthermore, at the receiver’s end, all this happens in the reverse order. Thus, you are able to communicate on a cellular network.

All the communication process is complex. However, it just works in a matter of seconds. The modern mobile devices like a smartphone can communicate with each other over the internet also. The basics of communication technology remain the same. However, the method may differ from time to time.

The mobile phones have made our lives simple and fast. Now you can communicate with your friend anywhere in the world in a fraction of second. The usability of the mobile devices is immense; it is just how we use it for the good.

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Watch how mobile phone works?

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