Get ready for the human flight with Gravity Jet Suit

We always dream of flying just like birds do. We see humans fly in science fiction movies. The fiction is now getting real with a Gravity jet suit. Richard Browning, the founder of Gravity Industries, invented the Gravity Jet Suit.

Gravity jet suit
Gravity jet suit

The Gravity Jet suit will bring you a whole new world of flying. Here, humans can fly from one place to another with ease. So, it is a jet pack capable of flight, power jumping, and hoovering.

Furthermore, the name of the flight pack is Daedalus flight pack. This flight pack has a significant difference from other existing flight packs. It comes with additional jets on both hands. As a result, you can direct the jet suit by moving arms.


First of all, Jet packs, in general, have a complex mechanism, and flying them requires rigorous training. It’s a skill that requires dedication. Creating a jet suit itself is a challenge. Besides, the jet suit invention has failed many times in the past. The founder Richard Browning began working on Jet Suit in 2016.

Furthermore, many people linked the suit to the iron man, the favorite comic character. The idea is innovative, but it’s difficult to achieve. So, initially, he funded his project on his own. In 2017 he published the first test flight at the TED conference at Vancouver. Later on, Red Bull provided promotional support for his dream.

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The flight experience

Anyone can join the flight facility for training, irrespective of background. The flight facility is at Good Wood Estate, just 90 minutes outside London. So, you will learn to fly in a safe, progressive, and controlled manner in this flight facility.

Furthermore, the training involves flight training and flight experience. The flight training involves single day training. Three pilot candidates can take this training simultaneously. Most of the candidates can learn basic hoover with tether visibly slack.

Besides, the flight experience involves a tour of the Gravity mobile lab, a flight demo by Gravity Industries trained pilots, and three power runs on a tethered training rig.

To feel your feet lift off the ground, the ultimate freedom of true flight. This will be a day you will remember for the rest of your life.

Richard Browning, Founder Gravity Industries.

The Gravity Jet Suit Specifications

Gravity Jest Suit has mind-blowing power of 1050bhp. The entire jet suit has five turbines while it uses JetA1 fuel or diesel. However, the suit’s dry weight is 27kg, and the flight duration is 5-10 minutes. The current speed record is 136.891 kilometers per hour. Besides, it is capable of reaching 2000 feet altitude. However, for regular use, you will fly it at 3 to 4 meters from the ground.

All of the above numbers are astonishing in itself. Hence, these numbers truly reflect human capability. So, it simply highlights what humans can achieve.

In conclusion, the Gravity Jet Suit is a closer to reality Jet suit, and it’s no more fiction. Its become a real thing, and we will surely see people flying around in jet suits soon.

Image Courtesy: Gravity Industries

Watch Gravity Jet suit in action:

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