How does (CCTV)closed-circuit television work?

We come across CCTV almost every day. We also see CCTV surveillance boards in public places. But exactly how CCTV cameras work? We will explain the working of these cameras in detail.

CCTV IP camera
CCTV IP camera

First of all, CCTV means closed-circuit television. This type of TV uses cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place for limited monitors. This type of Television is not open broadcast. The feed coming from cameras is only available to specific individuals.

Furthermore, the CCTV network generally utilizes a P2P or P2MP networking technology. While some large networks like city surveillance use mesh networking. Modern-day closed-circuit cameras have DVR (Digital Video Recording) to record videos continuously. You can record on DVR for many years. We can also customize the quality and performance of the video.

How does CCTV work?

CCTV actually relies on the strategic placement of cameras. We can observe the input on monitors in a remote location and control the camera. All the communication and control takes place through the coaxial cable. Hence it is called a closed-circuit camera. So access to the content is limited to a few individuals.

The early days of CCTV consist of only cameras and monitors. Today’s CCTV has various recording systems for video storage and retrieval. You can even replay, zoom in, fast forward the content.

The CCTV cameras capture a live stream of video via camera. Nowadays the cameras have night vision. These night-vision cameras can see a clear picture even in total darkness. The modern-day cameras have motion sensors. Hence they can sense motion and trigger alarm.

Furthermore, after capturing video CCTV cameras sent a signal to the digital video recorder (DVR) or Network video recorder (NVR). These DVR’s then record all the incoming video stream. We can replay all the video feed any time on any screen. Few cameras have an inbuilt SD card slot that records video as local storage.


Types of closed-circuit cameras

The closed-circuit cameras are classified into two distinct types. The first one is an analog camera. These types of cameras use an analog signal to transmit the video streams. The second type is the IP camera. This camera has a specific IP address.

In addition, it transmits a video stream digitally. Nowadays IP cameras are more common. We can access the camera remotely is the single biggest advantage of IP cameras. The remote connection is possible only due to internet connectivity. IP cameras can connect to the internet very easily.

Use of Closed Circuit Television

The important use of CCTV is surveillance. Around the world, lots of government emphasize on closed-circuit cameras implementation. It’s become very easy to track criminal movement. Hence to prevent crime we can use the footage. Video creates important evidence. So we can use the footage in courts.

Furthermore, we can solve crimes using the footage. solving crime become easier with camera footage as we can track down almost all the movements of criminal.

Various law enforcement agencies around the world use body-worn cameras. These cameras are easier to hide. Hence these cameras increase the surveillance capability at a personal level.

Many highways and city roads around the world have closed-circuit cameras. These types of cameras are different than speed cameras. These cameras are generally useful for traffic monitoring. In addition, this type of camera plays an important role in identifying stolen cars.

Furthermore, large organizations and manufacturing industries use CCTV to monitor employees. The organization places these cameras at strategic locations. For example, a retail mall operator can place the camera at the above cashier desk. So, he can keep an eye on him for any misconduct.

In addition, the use of cameras in schools and college help to keep a record of everything. Including visitor monitoring, keep good discipline among students. It also acts as evidence in case of crime.

Private homeowners and offices now use CCTV as a safety major. These cameras keep criminals away. This is because they can get caught very easily when they visit such a home. Now remote monitoring is also possible. So people raise alarm immediately or call the police when they see criminals on CCTV.

In conclusion, CCTV cameras play a crucial role in the day to day surveillance. They also help to reduce crime rates worldwide.

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