Unfoldable homes from Boxabl

We all dream of our home. Although constructing a home is a costly affair. In addition, it involves lots of planning and money management. The construction of a home also takes a lot of time. But now you can build it in hours and at a very affordable cost. Thanks to Boxabl.

Boxabl Layout
Boxabl Layout

Boxabl is a company located in Las Vegas, USA. They are creating foldable homes. The company is also building a factory and aims to mass-produce them. Hence, it’s a house prebuilt in a factory folded together for easy shipping. At the location, you can unfold them and start using them right away. It looks like a dream, but now it’s no more a dream. It’s a reality.


The compact home concept is booming, and more people are opting for it. They don’t want any construction hassle, and they want it simple. This situation brings opportunity. Mass-producing homes. So, it leads to more affordable homes than before.

Furthermore, the construction industry is stuck in an age-old technology. But in today’s world, we need a faster and better solution to build a house. Boxable is exactly doing that. These houses are prefab, and we can transport them to the destination on the trailer.

In addition, Boxabl aims to reduce costs by making housing construction compatible with the assembly lines for mass production. The first product of the company is a 20′ by 20′ prefab studio apartment.

The idea

Currently, few companies produce houses in factories. But these traditional factory-produced houses have problems. They are most difficult to transport as these are wide and heavy house modules. These modules don’t fit on roads. It needs long trailers and police escorts and traffic problems and so on. This is the reason why such an industry is unable to scale. So, this is where the idea of foldable homes becomes a reality.

The rooms by Boxabl can fold from large 20′ rooms to small 8′ loads. Moreover, the 8′ loads are road legal, and we can carry them anywhere we want. Hence, this idea marks a new era in the construction industry. Moreover, this idea enables mass production of houses at a scale never seen before. Initially, the company will manufacture one house in ninety minutes.

In addition, Boxabl is solving the shipping problem; rather, all this is possible due to solving the problem of shipping. The company has an innovative approach. They are reengineering everything from the ground up. Starting from the selection of construction material to the manufacturing method. So, Boxabl homes outperform energy ratings. The homes are wind and fire resistant and much more.

What is Boxabl Casita?

Boxabl Casita is an energy-efficient studio apartment. It is also one of the companies flagship products. The house is complete right out of the box. It has a full-size kitchen. The kitchen contains a large fridge, oven, dishwasher, cabinets, and microwave. It also has a dual sink with a view.

In addition, the bathroom has a deep shower, backlit mirror, vessel sink, large counter, and sliding glass barn door. The size of the Livingroom is 19.5ft *19.5ft. The total size is 375sqft. The 9’6″ ceilings. The living room also has 8′ huge doors and windows. The flooring is wide plank composite.

Furthermore, the living room also has heating and cooling capability. A washer and dryer are also at your disposal. It also has an ironing center. The LED lighting and insulation technology keeps your energy bills low every day.

In conclusion, Boxabl is revolutionizing the housing and construction Industry. It will also make homes easier to build at very affordable pricing. Thanks to foldable Boxabl homes.

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