What does the Aibo Robot Dog do?

Aibo robot dog is robotic pet designed and manufactured by Sony Corporation. The company is keenly working on robotic pets since 1998. The first consumer model was unveiled in 1999. Aibo, at first glance, looks like a toy robot but it is actually not. Sony designed the Aibo robot dog as an adult companion and it is not for children. So, we can say that it’s a companion robot.

Aibo robot dog touch response
Aibo robot dog touch response

Furthermore, after almost 11 years, Sony announced the newer generation of Aibos in 2017. The latest generation model is ERS-1000. The new generation model comes with a three year AI cloud plan, Aibone, pink ball, paw pads, Aibos special charging station, and a dog tag.

Aibo robot dog design

Aibo has great design elements. However, the first and most important design element is its eyes. The Aibo can have visual contact with his companion forming an emotional connect. The face full of expression makes it more lifelike.

The Aibo’s whole body has a rounded form. This rounded form helps to convey the state of being strong and active with full of energy all the time. Even it can show the physical signs of body temperature changes and that’s the depth of its design.

Aibo features unique facial expressions especially the eyes. The eyes of Aibo are sparkling and give cleaver twinkle. The unique nature of the eyes gives the window to its feelings. Aibo can move and show gestures in hundreds of patterns to welcome you.

Communication and Aibo

Aibo likes to spend time with you. As it spends time with you, it understands you more. The robot dog is also curiosity driven. The time spent with Aibo helps to shape its unique personality and behavior. Thus, every Aibo is different from one another.

Aibo has unique emotions and desires even if it is a robot. Furthermore, it is unpredictable, no one knows what it will do next. This element of unpredictability makes it more real. The highly variable communication capabilities give more dynamic and richer experience on its own.

Aibo can modify its behavior depending upon what it sees through the camera. The robot dog is capable of detecting people, bumps, obstacles etc and takes actions accordingly. It also has voice recognition capabilities. Aibo turns its head in the direction of the sound and can listen to orders by its companion.

Aibo robot dog gestures
Aibo robot dog gestures

The robot dog also reacts to physical contacts like a pat on the back, a scratch on the chin and every other friendly compliment. It also has another dimension in its personality i.e. likes and dislikes. The robot dog likes pink color but doesn’t like tight places and heights.

The growth of Aibo

Aibo personality largely depends on how you raise it. The robot dog keeps learning all the time and continues to evolve. Its all about your approach to raising the dog. Its knowledge and actions all depend on its surrounding and unique environment for growth.

Aibo keeps uploading data to the cloud; eventually shaping its personality. So it keeps on changing its behavior and personality. You can make him a wild dog or a friendly companion and it’s really up to you. You can also teach the dog some tricks and movements. In addition, you can use the Aibo app to learn few more tricks. But, you have to spare some time with Aibo, help a bit and it will learn it eventually.

Aibo learns its surroundings. Even, it is able to calculate the shortest distance to various rooms. The robot dog records all the experiences in it’s day to day life & then it uploads them to the cloud. It also creates a database of memories. You can browse those memories thru’ the Aibo app. Even you can ask the robot dog to take a picture and it will comply.

In conclusion, with Aibo robot dog we are very sure the Sci-fi movies are now becoming reality. The robot dog we see in the movies is now real and it is at your home as your favorite companion.

Watch Aibo robot dog in action

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